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Safety First! Use a water based lubricant with internal attachments. Use electro conductive gel with external attachments. Ensure that attachments are dry when connecting to the device (after cleaning) Remove body jewellery; it is likely to get hot and damage the skin. Make sure you are fully ...

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Use electrosex toys or form a connection above waist level (the current may pass through the heart). Insert or apply electrosex pads or toys with the power switched on. Use electrosex equipment in or near water. Use electrosex equipment on broken or inflamed skin.

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Electrosex or E-Stim, is a sexually stimulating activity that utilizes electrical energy. By applying a safe level of power, electrosex toys send orchestrated pulses of energy into your body and genitals. This brings you heightened levels of sensation, pleasure and even orgasm. When you supply the right electrical signals to the body's nerves, the recipient can feel some amazingly erotic sensations.

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How strong is the electrostimulation involved in electrosex? The last element to be considered is obviously the intensity of the current used. This issue can be discussed at length wasting a whole lot of effort on big words, but in the end only two things matter: what you feel and which effects it causes on a physiological level.

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You take the small electrodes and attach them to your pointer and middle fingers. You then attach a strap to your wrist. This toy turns your fingers into the e-stim toy. It’s electrifying your ...

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Mick from E-Stim Systems came to visit and give us some valuable advice when it comes to electro sex for men so you can get the best out of your session and ...

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At the base of the penis you can use a TENS pad cut to 3/4" square with rounded corners placed on the underside face just above the balls. The top half of the conductive loop around the balls and penis is insulated so that you get full contact through the perinial area. You can use masking tape or a strip of card to insulte the top half of the loop.

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Electrosex, is just another name for electrostimulation, e-stim and electroplay. Basically it is using electricity to stimulate the body in some very interesting and varied ways. Electrosex might also refer to the practice of having sex while using E-Stim, which is generally considered to be slightly risky as it can involve current passing through the chest.

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Electro play is awesome way to humiliate a slave. It consist of clipping electrode to pussy lips, cock, balls, or nipples, and to turn on electricity to torture a sub. It actually force guys to cum sometimes. If you’re into femdom fetish, you’ll love those forced electro cumshots. And if you’re into humiliating girls, there are awesome clips with busty girls shaking in electro torment.