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All Day Cock Ring has surfaced to describe rings that can be worn this way. Now of course Hardwear rings are the most versatile in the world, and are made available in the most sizes of any rings on the markets, so almost all our rings can be selected in a size that makes them perfect for all-day AKA extended wearing. Why Guys Love All Day Cockrings?

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I think it was agreed on in the other thread that the smart thing to do was to wear the cock ring around the dick AND the balls. Thus preventing strangulation (and death) of the penis. Since you are doing this for long periods, please be careful how tight you make it and ALWAYS listen to your dick, even if it’s just a whisper. 08-21-2005, 03 ...

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King Rings’ cock rings are a bit different and, beyond the functional aspect of aiding an erection, they are designed to be worn all day as an intimate accessory. The gentle hug and extra weight are a true all day pleasure.

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An all day cock ring is simply a cock ring - any cock ring - that is worn all day, or at least for several hours. We found a few online threads consisting of men and other penis owners discussing their experiences with wearing a cock ring all day. Some say that wearing a cock ring under their clothes makes their package (i. e. the bulge) look bigger.

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Why wear a cock ring all day? Wearing a cock ring all day keeps you in this state of horniness. It’s like that feeling of anticipation knowing you are going to have sex and your dick is about to get hard. It just feels great. When wearing it in public it provides a little confidence and a little naughtiness of what you are hiding beneath your clothes. My next all day cock ring:

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Yes, you can wear all day but the best time to use the cock ring is right after training girth to keep the expansion around as long as possible. You could do some periodic jelqing for a few minutes throughout the day to keep expansion high and reattach the cock ring. I would not wear while sleeping though.

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Fantastic in bed and also under clothes for extended wear (All Day Ring - ADR use), the Tandem Loaded features two Elliptical Hybrid Metal Cock and Balls rings and your choice of either 1 (for ¾ LBS) or 2 (for 1.5LBS) integrated male enhancing weights.

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Cock rings are safe to use as long as you keep a few safety elements in mind. Use lubrication. Lubrication gets cock rings on and off a bit more easily.

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Verified: Photo. 99% Straight, 1% Gay. Been wearing my cock rings around my nut sack. Would never take them off if I didn't need to. #5 rbi99, Nov 20, 2021. diver6 likes this.